My Sweet Girls


I have decided my girls are going up too FAST!  I can remember when they were just walking and into everything.  Oh ya they are still into EVERYTHING.  I just LOVE these little girls though they make our life so much more interesting. Who needs TV when you have pop stars yourself… Wait till they are older and I show them their singing concerts they show us they will LAUGH!!

A Day with HANK

Today Kamie brought home HANK (stuffed horse) she is always so excited about HANK she reads to this horse she talks to it. She even makes it a bed. We always have to take a picture of her and HANK today she was reading to the horse.  TOO CUTE…

photoJeNn_2013 copy

FiRsT SnOw

FiRsT SnOw

The Girls love to play in the snow they was so excited when it snowed on Saturday and they were able to go out in it.. Of Course their mom hurry and took pictures and then went back inside I am not CRAZY!!!