Lagoon 2014 + Kiwi Lane + MON AMI GABBY

This month at Kiwi Lane we are working with CELEBRATE & PLAYTIME templates along with  MON AMI GABBY.  



I thought it would be FUN to do something with a tin I had we are going to Lagoon for vacation so making a mini album out of the pictures we take.  I used some chipboard, cut it to fit inside the tin and added some paper for the mini album.  Now all I need to do is add pictures and write about our adventure in the mini album.


The FRONT of the tin with the year and a banner with Lagoon on it.  I used Playtime 4 and Celebrate 4 templates to make the dragonfly flower.  I used the MON AMI GABBY product to tie onto the tin for ribbon.



Using the pinwheel for the middle  with a flower on top gives a new look for the dragonfly.  Using  different products is always a good way to make something look different by just adding a new texture or flower in this case.



I used the mesh and burlap as ribbon it made a fun texture for the top pf my tin.



JeNn_2013 copy


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