I have been getting ready for Valentines. This year I am trying to make more cards and this kit  from Little Yellow Bicycle Love Letters Mini Album was fun to put together. I usually do not get kits but I liked this because it had most of what I needed.   I added Glossy Accents and some ribbon but most of it was in the kit.

Are you making any cards for  Valentine’s?


A HUGE Habit

I have a BAD Habit of Humming- I try to STOP but I find MySelf doing it ALL the Time.  Tonight while watching a movie with my daughter she tells me I am humming. After I tell her I am SORRY and I will try NOT to she tells me that I need to TALK like her.  If your talking your NOT humming she says.  LOL  Could you imagine if I talked as much as I HUM – I would drive people CRAZY!

NeW YeaRs ReSoLuTioN 2012

It’s the beginning of 2012 and I am working on my New Years resolutions. The resolutions in my life that never get done but this is going to be a different year. They say that you should always write down your goals if you write them down that must mean you are serious about them so here are mine.

2012 New Years Resolutions
1. GeT OrGaNiZeD
2. Drink WATER more
3. CraFT More
4. LeaRn my CaMeRa
5. Buy LESS – Buy BETTER
6. EaT HeAlthIer
8. EnJoY LIFE More
9. Go oN DaTeS wiTh my DeAr HuSbaNd
10. LeArN to AppreCiaTe the LiTtlE ThiNgS
11. KeEp Up wiTh BloG